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Sell Your Home the Modern Way

Online. Buyers compete. You make more.

Total transparency. Complete control. Half the listing fee.

What is Snapdoor?

A brokerage for modern times

Snapdoor is a brokerage built around a transparent, step-by-step online process. Track and control your sale from start to finish. With Snapdoor you partner with top local agents. Our real-time bidding platform makes buyers compete and allows you to choose the best and highest offer. You'll sell with confidence. All this for just 1.5%, half of what traditional agents charge. Make top dollar and save thousands in fees.

Sell your home for the best price, save thousands in realtor fees with our expert guidance and online platform.
1Best-in-class practices

All the best practices of top brokerages

With Snapdoor you get all that the best-in-class brokers offer.

Realtors vary widely in their skills, ethics, and overall value. With Snapdoor you’re guaranteed to get what the best-in-class brokers offer, including the confidence of professional guidance and the security of avoiding costly mistakes.

  • The specific knowledge of someone who knows your area and the current market
    • Custom punch-list of targeted repairs and upgrades to maximize your profit
      • Management of your sale all the way through
        • Comprehensive professional marketing
          • Professional photos, 3d walkthroughs when needed, floor plans, brochures, yard signs, open houses
        • Listing your home on all MLS sites, plus Zillow and Redfin
          • Soliciting and vetting buyers
            • Legal knowledge and experience
              • Valid contracts for your jurisdiction
              • Compliance with governing laws and regulations
              • Required and optional disclosures
            How it works

            Step-by-step with Snapdoor

            Snapdoor walks you step-by-step through the sale or purchase process, summarized by 7 main steps. You're never in the dark as Snapdoor provides you with world-class service.

            Sell your home for the best price, save thousands in realtor fees with our expert guidance and online platform.
            1I'm a seller

            The 7 Steps of Selling

            1. Partner with Snapdoor
              1. Prepare Your Home
                1. Market Your Home
                  1. Track Buyer Activity
                    1. Review and Accept Offer
                      1. Move from Contract to Closing
                        1. Close on Your Home
                          Why Snapdoor?

                          Compare Snapdoor

                          Snapdoor gives you much more than traditional agents, at half the price.  You enjoy unparalleled transparency, control, and convenience with our online process. You get top dollar for just a 1.5% listing fee. Save thousands of dollars in fees. Get more. Make more. Save more.

                          With traditional agentOn your ownWith Snapdoor
                          Low feesNoYesYes
                          Seller sees all offersMaybeYesYes
                          Data-driven home pricingMaybeNoYes
                          Pre-listing home inspectionNoNoYes
                          Pre-listing staging consultationNoNoYes
                          Customized home improvement listMaybeNoYes
                          Professional photographsYesNoYes
                          Professional floor plansMaybeNoYes
                          Professional 3D home tourMaybeNoYes
                          Professional brochureMaybeNoYes
                          For Sale yard signYesMaybeYes
                          Listing on MLSYesMaybeYes
                          Listing on over 100 websitesYesNoYes
                          No shady off-market listingMaybeMaybeYes
                          Open houseYesMaybeYes
                          Feedback from showingsMaybeNoYes
                          Online offer platformNoNoYes
                          Online sale trackingNoNoYes
                          Rapid response to buyer inquiriesNoNoYes
                          Contract and contingency managementMaybeNoYes
                          Quick resolution of issuesMaybeNoYes
                          Vetting of buyer financingMaybeNoYes

                          See how much more you'd make with Snapdoor...

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                          With traditional agentOn your ownWith Snapdoor
                          Net after commissions and taxes$925,000$825,075$992,250
                          Rate of successful sales96%11%98%
                          Time required of you25 hours160 hours40 hours

                          Frequently asked questions

                          Stuck on something? We are here to answer all of your questions

                          Am I selling on my own if I use Snapdoor?+
                          No, you’re never on your own with Snapdoor. We’re a full-service brokerage and we will be with you from start to finish. We provide a pricing strategy designed to get you the highest offer. We will provide recommendation on what you need to do to prepare your home for sale. We provide full marketing services, including professional photography and placement on MLS and all the popular real estate websites. We provide full legal support, guiding you through all required paperwork. Finally, we manage the process from contract to closing, so that your sale goes smoothly.
                          What am I responsible for with Snapdoor?+
                          While you’re in control of the entire sales process, your responsibilities are few. Your responsibilities include de-cluttering and cleaning your house and then to coordinate recommended pre-listing repairs and upgrades. Once we provide a punch-list of such home improvements, it’s up to you to get the work completed by your contractors or ones we recommend. As to expenses, you are responsible for the costs of such home improvements and the cost of professional staging. Your remaining responsibilities are making decisions, mostly together with us. For example, when there are multiple offers, you decide which one to accept. We make recommendations. You make decisions.
                          Will Snapdoor market my house widely enough?+
                          Snapdoor recommends maximum exposure for all of our listings. Your listing will be entered into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and will show up on the popular real estate portals like Zillow, Redfin, Homes.com, and Realtor.com, among others. It will also show up on thousands of brokerage websites. Snapdoor does not believe in private exclusive listings or off-market sales. We believe that they do not get the exposure your home deserves. Our goal is to get you the highest and best offer. To do this, we promote your home aggressively through all marketing channels.
                          This sounds like an auction. Do I have to accept the high bid?+
                          Snapdoor scores and ranks offers submitted by buyers on our online offer platform. This does sound like an auction. However, unlike an auction you do not have to accept the highest offer. Once the offer deadline passes (and even before), you will have the opportunity to review all offers. With our guidance, you decide which offer you want to accept. We then help you with the sales contract and remaining steps.
                          Will I leave money on the table?+
                          You never leave money on the table with Snapdoor. This is because our incentives are fully aligned with yours. Our objective is to make you the most money. We never pressure you to accept the first offer that is submitted. Our online offer platform with its publicly announced deadline ensures that all interested and qualified buyers can submit on offer. Together with our aggressive and public marketing, we make sure that all serious buyers have a chance to submit their offer. By making them compete against each other, you can rest assured that you have received the best possible offer. We never do off-market or private deals because we don’t believe that they are in the best interest of sellers. This also ensures that you don’t leave any money on the table.
                          What happens after I accept an offer? Will my deal fall through?+
                          While no one can guarantee that an offer won’t fall through, we do our best to minimize this. First, we qualify all buyers to make sure that they have the funds to submit offers. They can never submit offers for a higher price than what they are approved for. If they are an all-cash buyer, we verify the existence of such funds. Second, we rank offers in our platform by the financial strength and cleanliness of offers. By weighing offers with higher down payments and earnest money deposits higher than those with lower ones, we significantly reduce the chance that an offer will fall through for financing reasons.
                          The same is true of inspection contingencies. First, we encourage all buyers to conduct pre-offer inspections so that they are comfortable with the home they’re buying and hopefully waive inspection contingencies. Second, we score offers with no inspection contingencies higher than those with them. If the accepted offer does include an inspection contingency, we can hopefully help negotiate past the contingency so that the deal doesn’t fall through.
                          Will Snapdoor help with the legal stuff and contracts?+
                          Yes. While we are not attorneys, we will educate you on the sales contract and the various disclosures that are required of sellers in your jurisdiction. With all contracts, there are important terms and conditions and there are minor ones. We will help you to identify the important ones that will affect your liability and the final outcome in the transaction. All contracts and disclosures will be made available to you online.
                          Will Snapdoor help me manage the sale from contract to closing?+
                          Absolutely. Managing the sale from contract to closing is one of our main responsibilities. We will track progress that you can see online. At any given point in time, you will know exactly where the process is. We will coordinate all activities with the buyer, their agent, and the title company during this phase. Close with confidence.

                          Need more info?

                          If you have any questions or need guidance, our dedicated team of Snapdoor experts is here to support you at every step of the way.