Represent clients better, with no guesswork

Represent your client to the fullest on Snapdoor

Fact: Buyer representation protects both buyers and sellers.

With Snapdoor...

  • Full buyer broker commission honored
  • Inspection reports and disclosures available online
  • Optional pre-offer and post-offer inspections allowed
  • Offers are scored and ranked based on both price and terms

Give clients clarity to make the winning offer

Fact: Very little transparency exists in the traditional process.

With Snapdoor...

  • Submit offer online in less than five minutes and with no paperwork
  • See where your client’s offer stands at any point in time
  • Bid with certainty that no human bias creeps in
  • Be confident that the best offer always wins. Your client decides

Snapdoor is win-win for everyone

Fact: The traditional real estate process is complicated and opaque.

With Snapdoor...

  • Everyone enjoys transparency and control throughout the process
  • Everyone benefits from fairness and certainty in the outcome
  • Everyone gains from an emotion-free transaction
  • Everyone has full visibility into the current status of the sale