Buying on Snapdoor

As a buyer of a new home, you may have a lot of questions. Snapdoor eases this uncertainty and simplifies the process of evaluating, making an offer on, and ultimately winning your dream home.

Snapdoor gives you the tools you need to:

Stay Informed

  • Use our custom-built project management tool — the Snapdoor Pipeline — to track your purchase
  • Learn each step of the way

Represent Yourself

Traditional brokerages sometimes work both sides of the same transaction — a shady practice called dual agency.

None of that at Snapdoor. We put you in charge, and put all information in front of you.

At Snapdoor we let the transparency of public offers give you peace of mind that you are engaging in a fair and open process.

Know Exactly Where You Stand

With Snapdoor’s online bidding, you can always see how your offer stacks up.

  • See exactly which offer terms matter most to your seller and factor them in to your own offer
  • Use our SnapScore calculator to see how changes in your offer's terms will change how it is rated by the seller
  • Get alerted to new offers, allowing you an opportunity to update your bid

Sell With Confidence Too

Many buyers will be selling a home as well.

We stand ready to assist you in selling your home through the Snapdoor platform.

Visit this page to see how today’s most savvy sellers are using Snapdoor.