Buyers see where they stand and what sellers want

No more guessing or losing out on a home you want

Fact: Placing a winning offer can be guesswork in traditional sales.

With Snapdoor...

  • See all competing offers, both price and terms
  • Know what the sellers want
  • Improve your offer at any time online

Fair, equitable, and transparent

Fact: When a listing agent weighs offers, human bias can creep in.

With Snapdoor...

  • Automated scoring means no favoritism or bias in ranking offers
  • All buyers play by the same rules
  • Receive real-time updates in rankings

Feel confident and in control of the process

Fact: In traditional home sales, buyers are too often in the dark.

With Snapdoor...

  • Offer the price and terms that are right for you
  • With automated escalation you never bid against yourself
  • See where your offer stands, night or day

Snapdoor is win-win for everyone

Fact: The traditional real estate process is complicated and opaque.

With Snapdoor...

  • Everyone enjoys transparency and control throughout the process
  • Everyone benefits from fairness and certainty in the outcome
  • Everyone gains from an emotion-free transaction
  • Everyone has full visibility into the current status of the sale