About Snapdoor

Traditional real estate needs a redesign. In today's connected world no one needs middlemen, who obscure a process that could be transparent and empowering for buyers and sellers.

No more shady dual agency, where an agent steers a seller to a buyer represented by the agent's brokerage, so the brokerage can keep all the fees — even when better offers were made.

No more opaque tactics of changing up the bidding rules midway to drive prices up.

No more 3% fees for listing a beautiful home in a hot area that could sell itself in 24 hours with almost no effort by the agent.

Our Mission

To demystify, modernize and democratize the process of buying and selling homes.

Our Vision

Real estate should be fair, transparent, easy, and fun — and good for your wallet.

Our Pipeline for Tracking & Management

As a seller with Snapdoor, you are guided through each step of the process. Our pipeline turns what is traditionally an opaque and confusing selling process into one that is simple and clear.

As a buyer with Snapdoor, our pipeline helps you understand at all times where you are in your home purchase and what lies ahead.